Wednesday, April 1, 2015

We're Having a Baby

James and I made plans to grow our family. In December I knew I could take a test as soon as the 19th. James didn't remember that that was the day so I decided to take it after he left for work and surprise him if it was positive. That morning he was taking his sweet time leaving the house (or so it felt) and I had to pee soooo bad. Haha! But I took it and couldn't stop shaking. Just anxiously excited. Within seconds it read Pregnant! Gah. I was so excited and still shaking. But now I had to wait ALL day to tell James so I thought of all different kind of ways to tell him.
I decided to do a "bun in the oven." I had what I was going to say all prepared and had one roll in the oven waiting for him. We had mexican food for dinner so a roll definitely didn't fit the menu. But just my luck, James had to stay late at work so I had to change up what I was going to say since Ellie and I were going to go ahead and eat.
I set up the camera and had his dinner on the table so I could tell him his was in the oven before he looked at the table. I turned the camera on when I heard the garage open and quickly sat down. Well...he gets home and then has to go the bathroom. Like seriously?! I paused the camera and waited for the toilet to flush. 
I told James his was in the oven and he just opens the oven and grabs the rolls and starts eating it and walks toward the table (out of the line of the camera). Not how I envisioned that going. Haha. But I was like wait, wait, wait and pushed him back to the kitchen. Then I think he saw the camera and I asked, "Did you get that bun out of the oven?" He got it right away. We were excited and hugged and awww so cute. Glad I recorded it too. Pretty funny.

I did a series of pictures when I was pregnant with Ellie so I wanted to do that again this time.This is the first picture in the series.

11.4 weeks. I was starting to feel a little bump push out so I decided I needed to start taking some weekly pictures.

About 14 weeks at my dad's wedding rehearsal dinner I had a huge plate of mexican food and I swear ever since that I felt like I was for sure showing. And to be honest, I know I'm pregnant, but why is getting bigger so depressing? So irrational but it happens. 

15.4 weeks 

I was lucky enough to get the gender ultrasound at 18.4 weeks. They usually do it between 18-20 weeks so I'm glad I was able to get in on the earlier end.

18.4 weeks. Many people notice now that I'm pregnant and ask if I am.

Since I recorded telling James I was pregnant I wanted to record our reaction to what the gender was. James really wanted a boy and I wanted another girl. I think I wanted a girl because that's what I have so I know girls and I have a sister so I wanted Ellie to have a sister. But to be honest, I know brothers and sisters can be best of friends too so after giving it lots of thought I decided a boy wouldn't be too bad either. Most people guessed I'd have a boy and I think that was influencing my guess too. Ellie was saying the entire time that it was a girl until the day of the ultrasound she said it was a boy. No idea why she changed her mind.
So the tech didn't tell us right away. She worked her way down the body. James was recording in the beginning since we thought she may look for us real quick but once I realized she wasn't going to I told James to turn it off and asked her to tell us when she got down there.
I saw the two legs and told James it was time to turn it on. As she was asking us what our guess was I saw it there on the screen. His little boy parts clear as day! James could NOT stop smiling. He is so excited and so am I. Going to be a new experience for sure and Ellie is going to be a great big sister. I'm so lucky she is my first born. She is so sweet and helpful and excited to be an assistant. I talk to her all the time about holding the baby, rocking the baby and getting the baby's paci,, etc.

I told the tech to get a really good profile pictures for me. She kept going back to his face but his little hands wouldn't leave. Man, I'm excited to see what he looks like!

After the ultrasound and my Dr.'s appt James went to work and Ellie and I went shopping. I wanted to get a Little Brother onesie to do in our gender picture. I checked the second hand store first because I knew Carter's would have one but I of course always trying to save money where I can. I ended up getting it at Carter's. We ran home and it was past nap time but I wanted to get this picture done. Ellie was such a trooper. Thank goodness for chocolate chips!
Of course having Ellie be a big sister is super exciting so I had to use her in our "General Reveal." I had two outfits and couldn't decide which one I liked better on her. I went with the light pink dress for Facebook but I wanted to post both on here. 

About this pregnancy:
I started out 10lbs less than I did when I got pregnant with Ellie but now I'm the exact same as I was at this time with Ellie. Kind of weird (and slightly sad). I was hoping not to gain as much as I did with Ellie but my whole body likes to be pregnant I guess, not just by belly.
I was much more sick this pregnancy. I only threw up once when I was pregnant with Ellie and I've only thrown up once this pregnancy too (after brushing my teeth-gag) but I've felt much more nauseous and ZERO energy. The exhaustion was all day long and the nausea hit around lunch time and got worse at night. With Ellie I was only nauseous at night.
 I decided to call the doctor and get a prescription for Zofran to help take the edge off but she first prescribed me another medicine that made me soo much worse! I couldn't get out of bed or eat or anything. It was horrible. I thought I was done for and that's how the first 4 months were going to be. I had someone lined up to watch Ellie on Monday but Monday morning I was feeling well enough to get out of bed. I didn't want to cry wolf so I text my neighbor and told her I thought I'd be okay.
 Ellie knew I was sick and she coped well. She even came up with her own song, "Mom's sick. Dad at work..." Sad but cute I suppose.
I finally got Zofran and honestly I still don't know if it helped or not. I still was pretty nauseous but maybe not as bad? I still took it anyways. I was scared not to remembering how bad it could get. About 13 weeks I finally was having better days and more energy. Now, at 18 weeks, I still feel low energy but I can leave the house. James has done so much grocery shopping and errands for me I'm very grateful so I'm trying to get back in the groove.
Some other symptoms: I've had many more vivid dreams than I ever remember having with Ellie. Especially in the beginning. It was like a full on movie every night. My cravings have been very similar between the two pregnancies too. So nothing alluded to whether this was a boy or girl according to old wives tales.
That's all I can think of for now. Almost 1/2 way! Despite being sick for so long I feel like it's already going by fast! And now that I know that the baby is a BOY I have a lot of nursery planning to do and finish Ellie's big girl room. Yay!


  1. I love how you told James, I can just picture funny! And sweet! I'm so excited it's a boy! We've had such a long streak of girls until baby Richie, so maybe there'll be a new trend of boys. Time for Paul and Eva to get pregnant, too! :-P (And Thomas and Kristen! ha). Seriously though, boys are a blast. Ellie is going to be such a great big sister and they'll be the best of friends. SQUEE! Congrats again!!! Now I just need to mail your package and ergobaby infant insert. :D