Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

Each year my friend and former neighbors parents host an Easter Egg hunt in their fun backyard for the kids in the neighborhood, friends, grandkids, etc.  We've gone 3 years now. It's crazy to see how much Ellie has grown too!
4 months, 16 months, 2 years

Walking up to the house. Ellie was so into Easter this year. It's also crazy to me how much she has grasped the understanding of lately. 

It got pretty cold outside. Ellie was shivering and her lips were turning purple. So we headed for the heat to collect her candy and return the eggs. She was pretty proud of all the candy she got.

For Easter, both my mom sent a basket and the Easter Bunny brought one so the lucky girl got lots of fun things. 

The Easter bunny brought her My Little Ponies, some candy, a cup, a light up ball, sunglasses and princess gloves. Grandma got her a cup, sticker book, jelly beans, a light up bunny and a chocolate rubber ducky,
Here is a little video of Ellie going through her basket from Grandma.

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