Monday, March 1, 2010


I had a great birthday! On the real day my friends Allison and Aaron took James and I out for dinner. The next day I spent with Tania. Then over the weekend Allison, Aaron, James, and I went to the Mesa Temple and then had dinner with my mom and sister that evening.

Tania painted this pear on the pitcher for me. So very cute. My sister gave me this book called "The BIG-A** BOOK OF CRAFTS." Perfect for my addiction. And yes I photoshopped the title.


  1. So apparently I am the most lame friend everrrr.
    Happy BELATED birthday!
    I wish we were in Mesa to celebrate with you.
    And happy 2 year anniversary of James proposing!!!
    He liked it and had to put a ring on it!

  2. p.s. Now you are legal...let's go to VEGAS!
    p.p.s. That is a really sweet card your mom got you! And I wanna know how you put the typing on the picture. you did it perfectly!

  3. you forgot to mention that you got a new Camera!!! hows it working out for you? cant wait for our triple date tomorrow.

  4. yaaaay i love that you got a craft book so you can make more nifty things for me to look at and try to copy! hahaha =]