Sunday, March 14, 2010


My mom took me to an Andy Warhol exhibit when I was young and that is where I learned what a strange and interesting man he was. Since then I have always been drawn to him; his social awkwardness as well as his art. This past weekend, a gallery downtown was putting on an exhibit containing photos of Andy Warhol taken by other photographers. I loved it, as I expected. I felt as if I were getting a sneak peek into his life, which is sorta my style!
This was one of my favorite prints
This is the Main Gallery. It was really neat inside! exposed ceilings, wooden planked floors, brick walls, metal doors

Afterwords James and I walked around downtown. We love it downtown. Downtown is just weird, to say the least, but we love it. A ghetto kind of love.


  1. Cool pics! You do a great job! You should come and take some pics of my little dude! The wipe case was just a hard plastic case of wipes I bought at walmart and then I just covered it with fabric to decorate it and the baby bean bag is like the most awesome newborn thing ever... I use them instead of a boppy pillow if you know what those are and I have my baby sleep in it or just to lounge in it during the day... I think they are the ultimate baby shower gift! Anyways I hope I answered your questions okay

  2. These are really neat, Melissa. I love that you find the beauty in everything around you, it's great. :)

    Annnd, you should seriously do Paul's wedding pictures. lol

  3. you do such an amazing job with your picture taking!!! you really can make anything look absolutely beeeautiful!