Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This is how the story goes...

Once upon a Sunday night James and Melissa were pleasantly watching TV on the couch. When all of a sudden...Melissa shrieked MOOOOOUUUSSSSSEE!!! Melissa saw a mouse run right behind the TV unit (the beautiful one she redid). James did some quick thinking and told Melissa to block one side and push it with a broom so he could catch the mouse in a box. Who knew mice could climb brooms? That mouse went right up the broom and up Melissa's arm. Melissa was so grossed out she did some crazy acrobatic move to escape the horror! Welp, that mouse was out from behind the TV unit.

James flipped over all the couches and was chasing the little rascal back and forth with the broom. That little guy/girl ran faster than Melissa's camera could take pictures. Yup that is right, Melissa was on top of the table holding Jolie and taking pictures of the madness below. James later commented on how he has seen in the movies the crazy lady get on top of the table to hide from a mouse, he couldn't believe it happened in real life, and his wife was the crazy woman. Jolie stood staring at her crazy parents trying to figure out what was going on. She was oblivious to the fact that there was a mouse in the house.

The mouse ran into the kitchen behind the oven, so James pulled the oven out and out runs the mouse. Then it goes behind the fridge. James pulls the fridge out and out runs the mouse and goes under the dishwasher! James takes off the lower piece of the dishwasher. After some waiting, the mouse runs back under the fridge and back under the dishwasher to start making its home. It was like a game of cat and mouse! Their house was a mess.
James had rat traps from a school project so he set those up in hopes to have a little mouse in the morning. Sunday night, no mouse. Monday night, no mouse, Tuesday night, no mouse. Now this little mouse must have been pretty smart. Every morning the cheese was gone, but there was no mouse. He/she would wait for it to dry up so he/she could just grab it off the trap. Come Wednesday morning James set up one last trap under the dishwasher with peanut butter and he was off to school. Melissa was sitting on the couch writing her grocery list and SNAP! She ran so fast with thrill to the kitchen, bent down, and saw a little bitty mouse struggling for its life. She was sad for the little mouse, but glad she could put her house back together.

The End.


  1. I can't believe it climbed up your arm!!! I would have died. Seriously.


    This was hilarious, thanks for sharing! :D

  2. AH!! I HATE MICE!!! I would have been on the table too. We are not crazy. Tell him that. We're smart! I can't believe it climed up your arm either!! EEK! I'm glad you finally got a picture of it... sick.

  3. hahaha that is a crazy story! I laughed out loud when I read it climbed up your arm!! Haha. Anyway, I am glad the problem is solved and your house is mouse-free!

  4. Ack!! That is nuts. I would've started crying if the mouse came near me, let alone crawled on my arm.

  5. Hey - I was looking at your craft blog, and saw those cribs you posted. :D We have it in the honey oak color, it's in storage right now and the screws are hidden somewhere, but when you guys get pregnant/have your first baby - you're more than welcome to have it. They started making them a really long time ago (my dad said I was in a Jenny Lind, too) and they still sell them.

  6. hahahahahahaha!! i love so many elements of that story. one that james changed his clothes!!!! another the wall you created by board games etc.. and the thought of you on a table with the jolie. (shes not much of a guard dog, but i wont tell anyone.)
    im glad you guys are safe from that tiny little grimlin!

  7. Up your arm....SICK!

    This was hilarious though. I love the wall on the kitchen floor made of boxes. That was so funny.

    I have never seen a real mouse in a trap, just those on movies...and that is AWFUL!!!

  8. I am so traumatized right now I can barely function. It was bad enough that it ran UP your arm and actually touched you. I may not have survived that. But THEN, THEN, you showed us the dead mouse on the trap.. Have you no idea how utterly disturbing that is to this pansy girl? Oh my gosh! I'm so glad you finally got it, and so sorry you had to have such a disturbing experience. WOW!

  9. Ahhahahahah! Up your arm!? Priceless.

    Yay you for posting a picture of a dead mouse on your blog, LOL! Once upon a time I posted a pic of an upside down covered with frost mouse. My readers weren't thrilled.