Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bisbee (picture overload)

For spring break James, Cassidy (my sister), and I went to historic Bisbee. We heard it was an artsy town and we wanted to check it out. We spent one night there as well.
We were there for Saint Patrick's Day. I was too embarrassed to wear green, but James got in the spirit. We had lunch at this little place called Savery. There were a gazillion stairs in Bisbee. The ones on the far left are famous for some reason. We climbed so many stairs that my calves hurt for three days afterward.
James ran up the famous stairs. In 10 seconds.

I took a few pictures of the locals. We saw this woman later during the day smoking pot with some other people. Seems the laws are pretty lax in Bisbee.
This is where we stayed, the Shady Dell. It is a vintage trailer park that has been featured in many magazines. We stayed in the Spartenette. It was fun. Not sure if I could do it for more than one night though. But it was a fun experience.
This is what the inside of our trailer looked like. We had a toilet and sink which was nice. The community bathroom wasn't too far away, but I didn't want to have to leave the trailer every time I had to pee.
James and I shared a twin bed (we're used to it) and Cassidy got her own. Some of the trailers allow for three guests if it is equipped with a couch, but the shag-a-delic couch in our trailer wasn't too suitable for sleeping.
I actually never went to the community bathroom. My sister washed my hair in the kitchen sink. There is a timer you have to set to make the water warm, but my sister thought it would be funny to have ice cold water run down my head. Hardy har har.

We couldn't get into the Copper Queen Mine the first day so we made reservations for the second day. Kinda expensive, but everyone said we should do it, so we did what everyone said.
Bisbee again? Maybe. It was good to spend time with my sister and husband, but there was not too much to do.


  1. Ha ha...
    I love the part with your sister washing your hair. :D

    Ya... Bisbee is good for maybe an hours worth of walking around (and avoiding the stairs), then move on to something else, like an hour at Tombstone, and then call it a day.

    And ya... you will find a lot of Pot-heads and hippies at Bisbee... a lot.

  2. This made me giggle a little. :D

  3. super fun trip. wished i could of come..... "shabba-delic" pics!!!

  4. We went to the mines a few years ago. Tons of fun...for about half a day. Bisbee is nice.

  5. Melissa I can't get over how artistic you are! Please tell me you are trying to work professional photography somehow? I love love your beautiful pictures, and how much fun you and james have... Blast! Tell James hi, love ya!

  6. O pleaassee! Everyone loves you, dies over your blog and you get more, you know it.:) And I love that. Well my dearest I think you should, seriously come a few years you will be taking my babies/ family pictures... if you are willing that is!