Thursday, July 15, 2010

6.30-7.10 day 1

On the first leg of our road trip we drove through California
(10 hours)
and planned on staying the night at James' brothers home before continuing on. which we did.
.We were lucky.
James' brother and his wife were having their baby that same day.
Our niece was born in the hospital and we were the first to see her at 4 hours old.
Sariah Rylie


  1. YES!!!

    I have been waiting for these! I'm so glad you guys got to meet her and take these beautiful pictures. You have great timing. ;)

    She's gorgeous! And you know, you guys look great holding a baby. haha

  2. hey mrs creative!:) so if you want to tell me you can! and if not no worries!:) but i have been wondering what kind of camera you use! i am saving up for one and i need some ideas! AND you have gotten so good at photoshop!:) is it the full version of photoshop? or essentials? you might have to teach me a few things? would you be up to that? i would love it! if not totally cool! hope you have been enjoying your summer!:)