Tuesday, July 27, 2010

name change and no friends

Have you been on my blog in the past few hours?! If so I am sorry. I have been trying to figure things out regarding this so called blog of mine.

I have changed my blog address to http://aperfectpairsblog.blogspot.com

Well glad you asked.
1) I am getting more traffic on my blog (hallelujah!!! so to protect my family I am getting rid of last names)
2) I have another blog. Did you know that? It is called aperfectpairscollection.blogspot.com so the two names just go well together don't you think?

I guess I can only come up with two reasons for now.
So anyways. I have set it up so if you go to my old "address" you'll be rerouted to my new one.

So go ahead. Change your friends lists to now read http://aperfectpairsblog.blogspot.com



p.s. I have just realized in all my confusion I have lost my friend list. DARN IT! I am so ticked. Please leave me a comment so I can add you back in! (I'm going to go cry now.)


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  2. Woohoo, looks like I'm already on the friend list, maybe?! :)

    p.s. I'm totally jealous of your trip to Seattle. I love Seattle! We went there our first spring break married, and it was amazing! Luckily Matthias's sister lived there at the time, so we had a place to stay and a car to drive.

  3. You can add me now! bonappetitgirl.blogspot.com (emily)

  4. I don't know if you had my blog address and it is surely not as entertaining or beautiful as yours but here it is anyway... http://ajc07.blogspot.com/

    Alyse :)

  5. LOVE the new name and new look! Loved that we got to spend some time together on the boat and crafting at the reunion. Wish we had chatted more... Isn't the Duvall family amazing?! I always enjoy our trips out there! :) Love your pictures!

    Here's our blog address again so you can add it: duvallfamily.wordpress.com