Wednesday, July 21, 2010

7.1-7.2 day 2 & part of 3

It didn't take as long in real life to get to day two
(referring to the length of time it has been since my last post).

On our second leg of the road trip we were making our way up to Northern California so we could see the
Red Wood Forest

There was a long windy road that went forever.
It was quite beautiful though.
There was a lovely spot where James and I decided to go frolicking in the meadows
{okay, we just took pictures}
but it was postcard perfect.

funny story...Coming from heck-a-hot Arizona we aren't used to any weather that isn't hot. When James and I got out of the Yellow Banana to admire the view I turned around and there was James digging in the suitcase for his jacket! Paaalease. It had to have only been 70 degrees. Funny right? Maybe?

It was almost 9pm and the sun was just starting to set as we drove by the coast.

We continued on...Once we arrived in Crescent City James and I stayed in the cheapest place possible. Since we were planning on paying for a few different motels along the way we didn't want to spend a lot of money....This place was, well, cheap to say the least. We even went to Safeway, bought TV dinners, and they took FOREVER to cook in that 'cheap' microwave. But hey, it was all about the adventure right? Right.

Bright and early the next morning. 9am. We went to the tourist travel help center, 'cuz we are cool. A nice small town lady gave us a tourist map and sent us to the lighthouse. Camera and map in hand we went down to the coast to see the lighthouse. (it cost money to go in so we just enjoyed the outside for free).

lots of driftwood. this was our second attempt using the self-timer :)See James?

Second half of Day 3, Red Wood Forest
coming up soon...


  1. Love the picture of you two! It's so cute. Can't wait to see the rest.

  2. your pictures rock my world! they look like post cards. wished i could have been in your suitcase.