Sunday, July 25, 2010

7.3- day 4

We were driving to our final destination when I said, "babe I really want to go to Seattle."
It wasn't planned.
It would cost more money.
But why not.

We stayed in a Travelodge. Went to the coolest indoor, two-story, Safeway.
Bought T.V. dinners again.
And this time, microwave worked great!

The next morning we went to the Space Needle.
We illegally parked at McDonalds (shhh...) and walked over to the Space Needle.
We aren't into spending money for things that only give us minimal satisfaction so we didn't spend the money for the 360 view.
-cute little cotton candy stand-

Seattle started out slightly cloudy, but as it became later in the morning, it cleared up. We got very lucky with such great weather.
After the Space Needle we went to the Pikes Peak Public Market.
Lots of shops.
Lots of venders.
Lots of fun.
I loved all the fresh flowers. Here is the original StarbucksJames and I are changing our name. Not really. But it may eventually evolve if my blogs takes off. (in my dreams. maybe?)Fresh Fruit Stands.Fresh Fish.Fresh Locals. (just kidding). Interesting locals. This was my favorite store.
We ate the Ivans.
White Clam Chowder.Loved this Antique Store. Wish I could have bought something.
Sadly, nothing called my name.(so many old black an white pictures)
I wanted to get all the ones with names and dates on the back
but they were $1 each.
Few hours in Seattle and we were off to Moses Lake, finally.Beautiful green trees. I took this picture for the low clouds. (James says we were just high up, but the clouds sure looked low).


  1. Awesome!!! My friend and I are flying into Seattle in Sept and heading to Forks. On our way back we have a whole day in Seattle. I have to forward this blog to her, I really want to go to that market :)! You're pictures are amazing.

  2. I LOVE Washington, and Pikes Peak Public Market!!! We took a trip there last October to visit one of Jared's old mission companions. So beautiful and so fun! It looks like you two had a Blast! Love the pictures Melissa, they are stunning :)