Saturday, July 31, 2010

7.6-day 7

On this day (July 6th) we all met up at the church for lunch and a family talent show. Along with basketball and crafts.

After lunch we took pictures.
Here are pictures of everyone with Grandma and Grandpa. Emily and Zack had to head back to Utah so they got their pictures taken earlier (middle right). This isn't even everyone. I love being a part of a big family!

Then came the
Talent ShowJJ showed off his violin talent by playing "Shortenin' Bread" and "Star Wars"Sherri's family did a comedy skitMy mother-in-law played a piano piece (she is amazing)Thad's family sang a song out of the hymn book (I can't remember which song).Melissa and James sang a song from Juno
"we sure are cute for two ugly people"
Cathie's family showed off their guitar hero talent!Sue, Braden, Nicole, Pauline (on piano) sang "Follow the Prophet." Braden even through in some of his own rendition which was very cute.Steve and Garret did the skit of the "ugliest man"Grandpa played his saxophone. 81 years old and plays in a band!

After the talent show we all played "Minute to Win it" (have you seen that show on t.v.?)

(1) The first thing we had to do was get an Oreo from our forehead to our mouth only using our face muscles. That was fun. And crumbly. (2) Then those who won split up into groups and we had to stack apples on top of one another (left side lost, right side won).(3) The next round the players had to transfer the cotton balls from one plate to the other using only their nose. They made the cotton balls stick using Vaseline. Watching them try to get the balls off was hysterical. *(4) They also played a round where they had to try and get all the tissues out of a box in one minute using only one hand at a time. (Pictures are lost-hopefully I can find them soon).
*(5) In another game they had to use the tissue boxes tied on their back, filled with ping-pong balls, and figure out a way to get them out (Pictures are funny, but also lost).
*(6) Last round was trying to keep a feather in the air for a whole minute by blowing on it. (Again, lost pictures).

After the game was over the boys played basketball and the girls did a craft. This is the craft we made. Isn't it so cute?! Amy was kind enough to get the wood cut for all of us.
(I had pictures of us crafting as well, but guess what, yup, they are lost).


  1. It looks like you guys had so much fun, I love a nice big family get-together. My family does it over the 4th of July too and I am always counting down to it. I LOVE the craft too, super cute! Do you and James make it up to Mesa often? I would love to see you!

  2. Hey girl! I actually did change your wen address on my blog list. I have it as and for some reason it comes up as Phillips for Two (it used to show up as Melissa and James) and for some reason it still goes to phillipsfortwo first and reroutes me.

    But I'll try again. I don't really know anything about this stuff, so maybe I did it wrong?